Art Advisory to Art Sellers

Extensive Advisory Services to Art Sellers in Sydney

Placing your artwork on the market is an intricate process that can leave you asking a lot of difficult questions.

What are the market conditions like? Is it an ideal time to sell my piece? Should I do an auction or a private sale? Which auction house should I use? Should I loan the work to a museum? Are there hidden costs or export implications that I should be aware of? Most of all, can the advice I was given be trusted?

At James Dorahy Art Advisory, we seek to maximize the value of your artwork while making sure that their particular requirements are taken cared of as well.

We provide each vendor with an unbiased evaluation of the significant market conditions to be wary of, and a thorough assessment all existing sale options and their specific effects.

We provide recommendations on the sale of individual works and much bigger collections, and take care of all related concerns including logistics and negotiations.

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